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Well, I was a slacker today. Er... make that yesterday. Certainly, this sort of behavior is unbecoming of a degree candidate. I'm told that to graduate, I might actually have to go to class from time to time. Checking my calendar, I see that I'm running out of time.

Really, I was up until 5 a.m. Monday morning... Lots of stuff on my mind, I guess. I'm not sure that I resolved any issues... which makes the night just a big waste of time. Okay, so that wasn't the waste. Missing three of my four Monday classes so that I could sleep was the waste. I didn't much instruction, but it's the principal of the thing. I'm too close to the end. I've gotta work harder than this.

Of course, look at me. It's 2:13 now and I'm still awake. I guess I don't learn a lesson very easy.
Tags: college, procrastination, sleep

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