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24 hours later

I don't know if it was good sleep, but it was hard and much needed.

Being up for at least 24 hours was almost a weekly occurrence in college. I ran the university newspaper for most my time on campus, but I was horrible at time management. So every Wednesday, I started out with a dream of getting done on time... but it never seemed to happen. Lay-out nights for the weekly paper that used to end about 10 or 11p started slipping later and later through my career. Wrapping up at 4 and 5 in the morning was probably the norm. The longest night I remember was one where we finished the paper about 8a the next morning. Ouch.

If there was a perk to being awake all night, it was crawling into bed the next afternoon. We had a paper staff meeting every Thursday night that I had to be awake for, but the few hours that I had clear before them to sleep were pure bliss. Even if I didn't get as much sleep as I needed, I still felt refreshed. (Which probably explains all of the Thursday night drinking I did.)

That's the one thing I miss about my youth. Keeping long hours hurts more now than it did 10 years ago... and it takes so much more time and effort to recover. Come to think of it, the same goes for drinking. Heh.

Truth be told, I could have gone to sleep last night as soon as dinner was finished. So, why was I still on LiveJournal at 11p? And why did I fight sleep like a four-year-old for a couple of hours more after that? I knew I needed rest and I refused to get it. That makes no sense whatsoever. Maybe it's the same reason I've been eating like I'm pregnant and have found 10 of the 60 pounds I'd lost this year.

I'm not cutting myself, but this is obviously some sort of self abuse. What's crazy is that I have identified the problem and still haven't repaired it. That makes even less sense that not sleeping when I should.
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