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I'm not hallucinating... Yet.

If my math is right (and it might not be), I've had somewhere in the neighborhood of four hours of sleep out of the last 41. I don't think that's a good average.

I was up yesterday about 5:30a for my shift at the firehouse. We had a crazy full day that began in earnest about 8:30a or 9 and didn't so much as slow down until it was nearly 11p. When the calls finally stopped, I accidentally fell asleep (accidental because it occurred without my knowledge while sitting up instead of being planned and under the covers of my bunk). The quick nap was just enough that I didn't need to sleep any more.

Instead of forcing myself into bed, I wrote the reports I'd planned to put off until this morning. I handled a few other clerical chores I'd been neglecting, and I finally crawled into the rack about 3:30a and slept for three hours or so until it was time for shift change.

I had a great plan to come home and sleep all morning today, but you know how well poorly great plans work out. One thing led to another and now here I am, writing an LJ entry instead of being unconscious in the bed. Well, I don't think I can put off unconsciousness much longer. It's about to take me down whether I want it to or not.

Wish me sweet dreams.
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