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There was a time when I thought a man who shaved his foot hair would be... Well, let's say fruity. That was before my own toe hair started to itch every now and then inside of my socks. Fruity? Itchy? I know which one I'm going with.

So, from time to time, I trim the sprigs that appear on my toes and foot. This usually occurs without incident while providing an aesthetically pleasing and itch-free appendage. Yeah, I said usually.

Somehow, I managed to scrape skin off both of my second toes the other night. (Second toes? Index toes? Pointer toes? Whatever.) I've cut myself shaving before. No biggie. Well, this happened Friday and my toes still hurt. Luckily, it's not "real" pain anymore. A night or two of band-aids and Neosporin helped eliminate that, but I can still feel where I botched the job.

God bless you women who do it all of the time without needing a transfusion.
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