Thomas Fletcher (fletch31526) wrote,
Thomas Fletcher

Everything hurts...

...but in a good way. In the last 28 hours or so, I've left the National Fire Academy, driven to Philadelphia, taken in as many of the sites I possibly could, headed northeast and met jeniferrobin for the first time in person, visited Liberty State Park, driven through the Holland Tunnel, and navigated Manhattan traffic with my Hyundai Accent like the bad ass I am. I went to the Empire State Building, but the rain is already here... and there is no sense in paying good money to observe clouds from 86 stories up. I can just wait for the next foggy day and do that on the ground.

Tomorrow, I'm going to take the $5 umbrella I bought at Walgreen's and wander the city. I've got a couple or three places I'd like to see before climbing back into the rental and making tracks to Maryland for one more week of class. You should see this umbrella. I've used it once and I think it's already broken. Oh, well. It was dry under my broken umbrella... It's good for something.

G'night, John Boy.
Tags: nfa, public, travelogue

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