Thomas Fletcher (fletch31526) wrote,
Thomas Fletcher

WNL-XLII: "Moments are swift passing by"

My second alarm finally forced me from bed at about a quarter 'til five on Memorial Day 2006. I'd spent the night back home with Jessie and had a two-hour drive ahead of me to Lakeland for my 7a shift at the firehouse. Like most mornings, I woke up with a song in my head... Or, rather, a piece of one. That morning, it was five words:

"Are you afraid to die?"

What makes this episode of lyric-on-the-brain interesting is that I'd never heard the entire song it was attached to. Several months prior, I'd been surfing random and obscure music on iTunes when I stumbled across this Ricky Skaggs tune. Although I'm not exactly a bluegrass "fan," I do have a periodic weakness for the stringy sound and added this one to my shopping cart so I could ponder about it later.

The song was still in my shopping cart -- meaning the most I'd ever heard of it was a 30-second preview -- as those five words rolled around my brain in a loop all morning long. I wondered aloud to Jessie and the guys at work if perhaps this was some sort of an omen.

About 11a, we were dispatched to a lady "possibly not breathing." When we arrived, our patient was in full cardiac arrest. Like most codes, the deck was stacked against us. There were so many people in the patient's bedroom, it looked like a family reunion. The patient was inconveniently located and hard to move. There were no working lights in the room. And no one seemed to no how long she'd been down.

Regardless, we threw ourselves into the call and gave our patient the best shot possible. But, like on many other days, our best was not good enough. The lyrics, in seemed, had been an omen indeed.

Are you a stranger to God
Carried away with your pride
Tell me sinner Do you ever stop and think
Are you afraid to die

Are you afraid
Are you unsaved
Are you afraid to die

Call on Him while he is near
Moments are swift passing by
Will you seek Him
While He still may be found
Are you afraid to die

Are you afraid
Are you unsaved
Are you afraid to die

Are you too wicked to cry
Would you to Gods’ bosom fly
Soon He’s comin’
Like a theif in the night
Are you afraid to die

Are you afraid
Are you unsaved
Are you afraid to die

Are you afraid
Are you unsaved
Are you afraid to die

(Here's the link to the song if the embeded player doesn't load.)

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