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It's funny where you find inspiration. I came to the office to rip songs off a Rascal Flatts CD and ended up creating what should become the design theme for the rebirth of my site. Of course, that wasn't the original plan.

I was reading some posts on and saw something about "Trading Spaces" designer Genevieve Gorder being gay. I did a quick Google search of various terms and didn't find any solid information. I did find the Trading Spaces web site at For some reason, The Learning Channel's site design got me thinking about things. I opened Photoshop and started working. I started out with something similar to their design, ripped it apart and built it into something I think I like. Certainly, it's a nice mixture of old and new... and I think that's important.

Speaking of the site, I'm hoping to have it up by Easter. I'll be taking a few days off from school, work, etc. for the holiday weekend so if it doesn't happen by mid-week, it probably won't happen until April 1st or so (no fooling).

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