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In January, I picked up an external Zip drive for my then dying computer. As luck would have it, they were giving away web cams to everyone who bought a USB 250 meg Zip drive. Like Ralphie in "The Christmas Story," I sent off for my prize. It came in today and it beats the hell out of a Little Orphan Annie decoder ring.

I know there are hundreds of thousands -- maybe millions -- of web cammers out there, but this is new ground for me... and, people, it's pretty cool. From time to time, I still think that it's cool as shit that I can chat with people around the world on the Internet (and for free). My new toy adds a brand new dimension to that. Not only can people talk to me, they can see me, too.

Yeah, I know... Sometimes, it takes so very little to amaze me. Now go and drink your Ovaltine.

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