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Has it been almost a month? Wow. Times flies when you're... well... time flies.

The good news, of course, is that the journal is not dead forever. It's coming back. This is made possible because there's more good news. My trusted Presario 5240 is not dead forever, either. A friend of mine installed a new hard drive this week and I'm back in action. It should take a week to reload old files & programs and then I'll begin the task of uploading old entries to the journal.

A lot is happening here... And a lot is not happening. Graduation is approaching quickly and, so far, I'm passing everything. Also, the job hunt has begun and I've got one really good prospect. I'm just not sure I want the job. I dunno. Much soul searching on the matter is needed. Money is important. I want money, money, money. But I also want happiness. I'd like both, but it looks like I might have to choose... And I'm worried about such a decision.
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