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I've got a WNL cooking in the oven, but the AT&T folks are supposed to show up at my front door any time now. I'm doing my best to be an early adopter (in this neighborhood, anyway) of the U-Verse television & internet service.

Part of me thinks knows it's a risky move because I'll have all of my eggs in one basket. If the phone lines go down... We won't be talking to anyone, we won't be e-mailing anyone and we won't be watching TV, either. But, I've grown tired of Comcast Cable and am already looking forward to placing my call canceling my service with them.

I write all of that to say this... The AT&T folks assure me that DSL will only be down for a short time while they install my new equipment. However, this is the phone company we're talking about. So, if there is no WNL... Please know it's Ma Bell's fault and not mine. Heh.

ETA: It's 3:39 p.m. and the installation guy still isn't here. So much for the Noon-2 p.m. window I was given. On the flip side, I called AT&T to express my displeasure and they gave me 50 bucks off my phone bill. They learned quickly that I can be bribed.
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