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Maybe *I* need the Feds

I know who has been reading the journal and I'm almost positive that I know how he found the URL. I noticed today that I'd left a graphic for the site on the desktop of one of the public computers in our office. As of now, that's the only way I can figure he had access to the journal URL. Maybe I need the FAA to come and run my security, too.

I know that I linked from the journal to LJ quite a bit... so it's possible that he's reading these very words. It wouldn't suprise me because I know his appetite for insight into my life has not been satisfied. He's stopped by the journal since I closed shop... I guess to see if I'd had second thoughts about quitting. The deal is that I have, in fact, had second thoughts. I'm not ready to quit writing and I don't think I'm ready to quit writing about my life. I'm not going to let my stupidity and a curious co-worker get in the way of what has been really great therapy for the last couple of years.

The answer to the "what now?" question has not been found. If you have suggestions, I'd love to hear 'em -- my e-mail is included in my profile. All I can say for now is... Don't wander off too far. I haven't heard the fat lady sing just yet.
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