Thomas Fletcher (fletch31526) wrote,
Thomas Fletcher

WNL XXV: Live from Haagen-Dazs

This is a very special edition of WNL -- so special, in fact, that it's being published from the Haagen-Dazs Internet Cafe on Navy Pier.

Back on April 16, my good friend alison22lynn first suggested the idea of guest writers for Wednesday Night Lyrics. Although I faked a bit of hesitation for my own entertainment, I fell in love with the idea instantly.

I've kept the concept on the back burner for a while waiting for an appropriate time for the inaugural guest version of WNL. My being in Chicago and this being the 25th week of the series seemed like pretty good reasons to me. Considering it was her idea, who else could I choose for the first installment other than the one and the only alison22lynn?
Tags: alr, public, wnl

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