Thomas Fletcher (fletch31526) wrote,
Thomas Fletcher

WNL-XXIV: "I'd give anything for just a little more moonlight"

I know I tend to wax nostalgic in this space from time to time. When I look back over such entries, most of them can be tied to a stretch of time -- especially a select couple of years at Oakdale -- where it was easy to feel that anything could happen at any time. Life was fluid and exciting and, almost always, in a good way.

I guess a lot of people take comfort as they get older in the routines and normalcy that sets in with age. I won't lie... I like a little comfort myself. But it seems that the older folks get, the more they feel anything unexpected is bound to be bad. It's as though folks are happy with what they've got and don't want to risk it all by asking for excitement. A heart attack is excitement, after all.

So, as I get older, it seems my job increasingly becomes the primary source of "good" excitement for me. It replaces the nights drinking at Jonathan's apartment or the time spent in the clubs or all the moments when it seemed as though the world was at our feet. Those moments grow fewer and fewer outside of work and I get mixed signals from my friends whether that's a good thing or bad. I'm torn between mourning the loss of excitement or sinking happily into the comfort of establishment.

I guess that's why I love my job the way I do. It provides comfort in that it's a regular part of my life (except for this month, of course) and, yet, with every shift... anything could happen at any time.

When you are young they say you never know
But I remember laughing wherever I go
A flirt or a flame or a friend or a fight
Can't come home now Mom, 'cause anything might happen tonight

Well your eyes are on fire, you've got a beer and a smoke
And your gut hurts from laughing at some dirty joke
That you really shouldn't tell 'cause you know it ain't right
But you can't help but feelin' like anything might happen tonight

Well a kiss and a whisper in the back of my car
Collecting young girls just like fireflies in a jar
Your glass is all empty 'cause her wings took flight
So fill 'er up good Joe, 'cause anything might happen tonight

And there's beer on my breath as I lean towards your ear
I try not to yell but you can't hardly hear
I close my eyes, try with all of my might
Can you remember that feeling... like anything might happen tonight

Well now who is that girl with the red dress on
She makes me remember back when I was young
And I'd give anything for just a little more moonlight
Can't come home now Mom, 'cause anything might happen tonight

Oh, tonight
Oh, tonight

Written by Bruce Robison
Performed by Charlie Robison

(Here's the link to the song if the embeded player doesn't load.)

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