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A review

Yeah, well I know I've been out of touch. Sorry.

Thursday was an incredibly good day. I stayed up entirely too late Wednesday night working on my paper's online edition and skipped my two Thursday morning classes. The opressive heat that had taken over Oakdale for a week finally lifted and it was cool enough to wear long sleeves. I went to lunch with Alex and caught up on the last two monthes of each other's lives... (I guess this is how "growing apart" begins). After a lazy afternoon watching lightening bolts dart across the sky, I took in a quick paper staff meeting and went out to a club with friends. I drank a little much, but still managed to have plenty of fun.

Friday, I was a total bum. I was too hungover for my 8 a.m. class, but managed to endure my 11 & 12 classes. I slacked around all afternoon and spent the evening along in the dorm room. At one point, I found it quite silly to be doing nothing with my truck out in the parking lot. But it didn't matter if I didn't *use* my truck... It was just the fact that I had the option to do so. Sitting on my ass was my choice, not a decision mandated by not having wheels. Ahhh, it was a glorious feeling.

Saturday, The Best Friend visited and we spent most of the evening with friends. TBF crashed at my place and because of that, I'm sure she's the talk of my roommate's social circle. I do believe the concept of having a female spend the night is somewhat foreign.

I woke up Sunday, ate lunch and saw the TBF off. I started the day with no plans for the Super Bowl, but made a few phone calls and quickly stirred up some interest. Shortly before kickoff, there were a whopping three people gathered at Sara's apartment for the game. Within a quarter, the place filled up and my short-notice idea worked out pretty good.

I guess it's time to launch a new week. This is the point in the semester where things get their first chance to spiral out of control. I know of three tests I have this week (ugh). This is could be the turning point. This week could help decide where the semester (and, perhaps, my college career) are headed. Wish me luck... I'm going to bed.
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