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WNL-XIX: "I lay in bed and listen to the air-conditioned hum"

For the record, it's taken 19 weeks for Wednesday Night Lyrics to have it's first significant scheduling conflict. I'm leaving town in about five hours for a union business trip and I'm not sure if I'll have Internet access when I get where I'm going. So, on the advice of counsel, I'm going ahead and posting WNL XIX now. It's Wednesday here. It looks like night when I look out the window. That should qualify as Wednesday night, eh?

As I've said before, I found several private entries that were mostly suitable for publication as I sorted through my online writing earlier this year. Although they may be suitable for others to take a peek at, most of these entries are largely unfinished. But I imagine that the pieces left behind might just be enough to help spark a new entry... or, in this case, the latest installment of Wednesday Night Lyrics.
"Private Entry: "Shotgun in my Soul" -- September 23rd, 2007, 09:03 pm

"Friday night, I found myself amongst friends and cool beer on the patio at Enoch's on Louisville Avenue in Monroe, Louisiana. The special occasion for the road trip? Paul Sanchez, live and in the flesh.

"I am a fan of live music -- especially in small venues. There is something special about seeing actual people play actual instruments and use their actual voices right there in front of you. Entirely too much of what we listen to today has been beaten with a digital hammer until every aspect of it has been remastered to make it so perfect that it is no longer real. But, my apologies... Allow me to abandon my rant.

"Paul, who you've probably never heard of, is a former member (16 years!) of Cowboy Mouth, a band you've probably never heard of, either. I've been a fan of both for the better part of a decade, but now that the band and the artist have gone their separate ways, I've developed new-found appreciation for Paul. Cowboy Mouth is an in-your-face, drummer-as-a-lead-singer, rock-n-roll-meets-revival band that, as has been said in print before... "on a bad night they'll tear the roof off the joint and on a good night they'll save your soul." Paul Sanchez is, um... the complete opposite."

Of course, you guys know exactly who Cowboy Mouth is now (even gracegiver). And if you've been paying attention, you saw some of Poppy's song writing back in WNL-XL with "Invincible." However, I thought it was time that he deserved the spotlight to himself. This song is from his solo album, Wasted Lives & Bluegrass and, for me, it's quintessential Paul Sanchez -- simple, clear, descriptive and something I can completely relate to.

The distance between what we said and what we really meant
Was the distance between California and The Orient
Still I like to see her, to be in her company
And I like to kid myself that she was still in love with me

Sometimes when I'm laughing, I start listening
To the world's most gifted actor convincing all his friends
How happy is the bachelor, how he is truly free
And then I buy another round and ask if she's still in love with me

And late at night when I'm alone and feeling like a bum
I lay in bed and listen to the air-conditioned hum
And I wonder if she dreams about the way things used to be
And then I lie in bed and wonder if she's still in love with me

Still In Love With Me
Paul Sanchez

(Here's the link to the song if the embeded player doesn't load.)

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