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I've been fortunate as of late to get some quality linkage from journalers I enjoy reading. The flip side to that wonderful showing of interest is that "The Window" hasn't been updated since New Year's Day. (I guess that's one way to force people to read the archives.) Certainly, things have been happening in my life... And certainly, I've been promising updates to my loyals readers. But the computer (like my truck) is still under the weather and I've lacked the time to explore other opportunities.

I have big things planned for the journal. I promise. I just need a little more time to fix the computer (or a little more money to replace it). I'm going to right this ship. I'm not ready to give up writing about my life just yet. In the mean time, I'm blowing the dust off of the LiveJournal. I'll keep updating it if you keep reading it.
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