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I know the name of this project is Wednesday Night Lyrics. However, there are some songs out there where words would only serve as a distraction. The melody, the tempo and the instrumentation join to tell the story instead. I think tonight's song fits perfectly into that category, so please forgive me as I deviate from normal programming just a bit.

This week's song is Lane's Theme by Bill Conti from the movie "8 Seconds." The movie came out in 1994, which was one of the big years in my life. I lost two grandparents that year. I got my first truck. I took my first big trip alone -- to Space Academy. I took Megan Adams to see 8 Seconds. I wrecked my first truck. So often, life seems to be on cruise control and it's hard to tell if the world is moving or not. But then, a period of time comes along where you experience so much change that you practically see it as it happens. 1994 was one of those years for me. I came out of it much different than I went in.

(Here's the link to the song if the embeded player doesn't load.)
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