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Checking In

Nine days, twenty-one hours, ten minutes and a handful of seconds.
Well, I've got Brittany Spears & Jason Allen Alexander beat.

The honeymoon is wrapped up. Thanksgiving is over. But I still have not returned to reality. I'm crashing at Jessie's apartment in our hometown until I drive home and go back to work Friday morning. The upside of that is that I get to do a whole lot of nothing and spend time with my wife. The downside is that we're in the Internet dark ages here. Neither Jessie or my mom has online access at home... So my only option is to show up at Jessie's office and hijack her computer when she's in class (which I'm doing now).

There are stories to tell... Photos to share... And I promise that they are all coming as soon as I return to a place where household Internet is a common luxury. After that, I'll reply to comments and I might even start reading my friends page again. (If anything has happened in the last two weeks worth reading, please let me know so I can catch up.)
Tags: hitched, jessie

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