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My wedding countdown clock now shows less than five days until I'm no longer a free man. In fact, it's ticking down somewhere in the neighborhood of four days and 17 hours. The closer it gets, the less my reaction changes -- "Wow."

This weekend, I took my last bachelor's road trip. In the span of five days, I racked up some 1,300 miles on my truck -- and on my ass. The trip took me to southeast Louisiana where I visited some friends and watched a college buddy of mine make his final walk as a single man. As far as long-ass road trips go, this one yielded no great stories to tell. No major epiphanies were to be had. But it served it's purpose by letting my clear my head before the big week.

Not that I wasn't ready before... But I'm definately ready now. Less than five days to go. Let's go.
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