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A mari usque ad mare (Edited)

Okay, so I figured that would get your attention.

I know that I have at least one Canadian on my flist and a few more with ties to that big country to the north. So, I'm needing advice and suggestions for a potential Canadian honeymoon.

As you know, the fiancee and I bought a house. This means that we don't have any big bags of money lying around -- all that's left are the small ones. In addition to the lack of money, I've put the honeymoon plans on the back burner because there really isn't any one place that we must absolutely visit. Of course, we do want to go somewhere we've never been before... And as much as we shouldn't waste money on intercontinental airfare, we would really like to leave the country for a spell. So, you can see how Canada -- as a nation -- might fit the bill.

As casey98 was happy to point out, "Canada is a huge country." So, I'll probably need to narrow the search down to specific cities. I've heard things about Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver... But mostly only because they have/had professional sports teams. Shame on me. I should really know more about my neighbors.

Just as there isn't one city that we must see, there are no real activities that we must do. We're basic folks -- a bit of shopping, a tourist trap or two and a bed that isn't crawling with bugs usually makes us happy. We just want to do those things in new -- and slightly foreign -- environs.

So, what say you? I'm taking any and all recomendations.
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