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911, What is your emergency? Umm...

I worked a 12-hour shift at the AA yesterday. Although things have been busy most every day I work there, the schedule was fat and we had more than enough ambulances online. So, things were fairly quiet. We only did five runs -- including a two-hour round-trip transfer between hospitals -- and got the chance to take a bit of a nap in the afternoon.

Of course, the last call of the day was the award-winner. We ran to one of the senior citizen high-rise housing projects for a 70-something year-old woman having problems urinating. Did it hurt or burn when she peed? Nope. Had it been days since she'd last emptied her bladder? Nope.

So what was the emergency? She'd peed two hours ago and hadn't been able to go since.

Ambulance. Taxi. Daycare. Whatever you call it, EMS is here for you.
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