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Marathon Man

28 hours down... A whole bunch to go.

I reported to the firehouse last night at 7p for our periodic 36-hour shift. When I leave here at 7a in the morning, I'll have two hours to clean up before reporting to the AA for a 14-hour shift. I'm supposed to work the streets from 9a-11p, go home, turn around and work 7a-7p at the AA on Tuesday. Wednesday morning, I'm back here at 7a for a 24-hour shift. Yeesh.

If my math is correct, this means I'll work some 86 out of 110 hours between 7p Saturday night and 7a Thursday morning. Pray for me as this means I'll be wearing navy blue for -- I think -- 78% of the time until then. I'm likely to finish this marathon tired and color blind.
Tags: aa, fire

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