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Why yes, there is red on my neck.

Latest burned CD... It's all good stuff, I tell you.
(1) Margaritaville / Jimmy Buffet.
(2) Dixieland Delight / Alabama.
(3) Beer Run / George Jones & Garth Brooks.
(4) My Hometown / Charlie Robinson.
(5) As Close as I'll Get to Loving You / Aaron Tippen.
(6) She's Every Woman / Garth Brooks.
(7) Forget About Us / Tim McGraw
(8) Riding For A Fall / Chris Ledux
(9) This Cowboy's Hat / Chris Ledux
(10) The Cowboy In Me / Tim McGraw.
(11) Where Were You? / Alan Jackson.
(12) Amarillo By Morning / George Strait.
(13) Good Ol' Boys / Waylon Jennings.
(14) Devil Went Down To Georgia / Charlie Daniels.
(15) Devil Went Back To Georgia / Johnny Cash.
(16) Big Bad John / Jimmy Dean.
(17) Convoy / C.W. McCall.

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