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Take that, you... you... evil gardener!

For some reason, we seem to be on a pepper spray streak here lately.

When the police douse someone with pepper spray, it usually becomes a medical emergency and we respond. Under the best of circumstances, we irrigate the evil-doers eyes with water until the burning sensation eases and he can at least open his eyes and make out the occasional shape or color. Under the worst of circumstances, folks claim to have allergic reactions to the pepper and we have to pull out all of the stops.

Tonight, we caught another pepper spray call, but it didn't involve the fuzz.

As the story goes, our 81-year-old male patient went down to his garden plot at the local retirement hi-rise. Once there, he was confronted by a similarly aged woman. The lady was under the impression that the man had sabotaged her pea patch with Round-Up after he claimed to have bought frozen peas (instead of eating hers, perhaps?). Evidentally, his defense was not convincing and Pea Lady pulled out her keychain pepper spray -- hitting the man in the head, face, chest & legs. Whew. This was over peas! Imagine if he'd been a rapist.

We called the police for the man, made sure his eyes were back in working order and ducked out before crossing paths with any more old ladies.
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