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Locked out.

We just got back from a service call a few ago. A lady had called to say that she was locked out of her bedroom. As the fire department, we do it all. And since one of the firefighters on my shift is handy with a credit card, we do our fair share of lock-outs.

Everything seemed relatively normal. We showed up. We went inside. My guy with the Visa made quick work of the lock. But as we were getting ready to go, the lady -- living alone and probably in her 80s -- made a comment that drew our attention.

"I don't know why they try to lock me out of there."

Yeah. We wondered about that, too. "Who is they, ma'am?"

Evidentally, mysterious people living in her house lock her out of her rooms. She claimed to have taken an axe to one door, which was something we just had to check out. Sure enough, one of her hollow-core doors had a huge axe hole near the door knob. When we asked about who locked her out of that room, she told us that it was the people who were sleeping on her bed without using any sheets. (Sure enough, the bed was sheetless.)

Other than the fact that the lady thought people were living in her house and locking her out of rooms, she seemed sane enough. (Yeah, that sounds strange. But on a crazy scale, she didn't score nearly as high as some.) When we walked out into the front yard, a group of neighbors had gathered in the cul-de-sac to see why a fire engine had made a visit to the neighborhood. One of the neighbors approached us as asked if we'd been able to capture the people living in the woman's attic. Evidentally, this is a long standing problem. The neighbor offered to call the woman's daughter to have her checked on.

Yep, just another day at the firehouse.
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