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Is that me I smell?

You're probably growing tired of the house posts... but it's obviously the biggest thing going on in my life at the moment. So please forgive.

The apartment is nearly empty -- except for the computer because the new DSL won't be hooked up until next week. The new house looks almost like home. Not only have we moved 97% of the stuff there, we've even unpacked most of the boxes and put furniture where we want it. I've sweated so much that I've started to smell myself. Blech. Papa Johns is on the way and my fiancee and her cat await my return, so I should probably go. Pictures of the furnished home are sure to follow soon enough.

I only fully appreciate the insanity of home ownership -- with a fiancee, no less -- when I pause to think about it. I try not to pause too much. Heh.
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