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An update from the front lines

Hey kids... I thought I'd write a paragraph or two to keep you all up to speed. My experience in the very warm library week was semi-productive... but my computer was on crack and I ended up writing my semester's worth of reports longhand. This, of course, took until the sun broke in the eastern sky... But done is done and that's all I cared about.

Wednesday was another night that lasted entirely too long. I spent most of it studying for a Broadcast Regulations test that was on Thursday. After four or five hours studying, I spent another hour laying out a page for the newspaper. I finally got to crawl into bed about 5 a.m. (Note: This was the first of only two times I actually got to sleep in my bed. The rest of the week was spent taking two hour naps trying to stay on top of my game.)

On Thursday, I discovered that the test covered only a fraction of the material we studied. Of course, this will only upset me if I end up not doing well. For I must do well on this test. Graduation depends on it. After a little Christmas dinner party with fellow newspaper staffers, I spent the rest of the night writing a paper to sum up what I learned while doing my video project. The paper is 40% of my practicum grade. I don't think I've ever written a paper that carried so much weight. With the exception of two hours between 4 a.m. and 6 a.m., I was awake the entire night. As was the case with the journal... I didn't much care. I only wanted it to be done.

Now, I find myself in the last three days of classes. Whew. Almost over. I've stayed enrolled in all 19 credit hours, I've done most of a video project and I've completed another semester at the newspaper job... And I'm still alive. That works for me. Okay, so it doesn't. I'd really like to have confirmation that I'll pass all 19 hours. *That* would really work for me.
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