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Breasts + Feeding + Icons = Nipplegate

Although I own a pair of nipples my own self, it's understandable that you might not think I'd join this fray since neither of my nipples is likely to lactate... ever. However, I see the outrage of the breastfeeders and I support it -- on many levels.

First, the letters these folks are getting from the LJ flunkies are saying that unobstructed views of the genitals and secondary sexual areas are prohibited. All of the shots show obstructed views of the breasts -- obstructed by the diners themselves. So, where is the problem?

Second, for as widespread as this issue seems to be right now, I'm highly disappointed that there has been nothing official come down the pipe from LiveJournal or SixApart. The people writing these e-mails to the breastfeeders are nothing more than volunteers -- many with a chip on their shoulder but without a clue to go with it.

I wish LJ management knew what sort of communication was happening between it's abuse staff and it's customers. I even saw one letter from a LJ abuse cop that suggested write-in campaigns and petitions made matters worse, not better. When would hearing from your clientele en masse be a bad thing? Oh, that's right... When you are screwing up.

Finally, I don't understand how a subject that's perfectly okay in public can be unacceptable on LiveJournal. So breastfeeding is offensive? Fine. But if you see it in the real world, you deal with it... Why can't you deal with it online? What if I was an untra-conservative whacko and found homosexuality offensive? Could I then complain about every gay-pride default icon out there? Of course not -- that would be silly.

Anything that's fair game in public should be fair game on LJ. An icon of Uncle Willy wearing panties with his junk hanging out? Yes. That's inappropriate because it's not something you should have to see in public without some sort of police interaction. A mom feeding her kid the way nature intended? I don't see the problem.

One more thing... We're talking about 100 pixels by 100 pixels here. At that size, you'd be hard-pressed -- pardon the pun -- to even see Uncle Willy's junk, let alone be offended by it.

The saga started here -
I learned of it from dreamalynn here -

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