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Thanks for everyone's input in the great Sonic poll of '06. For the record, I do not think that I've ever tipped a Sonic carhop. There have been a few times where the service was spectacular and I felt the need to tip them but didn't. Shame on me for those instances. I plan to remedy that in the future. However, the average Sonic experience in my part of the world is unremarkable. I'm not sure I'm ready to part with additional money if I get nothing for it.

A lot of my anti-tip thinking stems from the fact that Sonic folks get a full hourly wage instead of the pitiful server wage that the restaurant folks gets. It seems very common for everyone to get a tip these days and I'm not sure I can support it. It's nothing to see a tip jar on the counter at a coffee shop or a ice cream parlor. Sure, it's okay to tip those sort of folks if they provide great service, but tips shouldn't be solicited for doing your job.

I'm sure some folks would think my lack of fast food experience has something to do with these opinions. Perhaps those folks would be correct. However, I've had many service-oriented positions where not only could I not solicit gratuities, I couldn't accept them if offered. I was taught to provide the same level of service regardless of the customer -- or possible financial rewards.

The funny thing is that all of this tip talk centers around Sonic only. When it comes to sit-down dining, I'm usually pretty good. I think that 15% is standard. That sub-standard service gets a sub-standard tip and better than average service gets a better than average tip. This gets me in arguments with my former bartender of a brother, who thinks the 15% is a non-negotiable minimum.

Once upon a time, I was an extremely cheap tipper -- one or two bucks regardless of the ticket price. This was for two reasons -- I was extremely poor and I was uneducated. One date with a former waitress and I was broken of that habit for life. Funny thing... I'm still tipping nicely. I can't tell you what that girl's name was on that date.

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