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May Day Postscript

I don't know how you 40-hour folks do it. You've got my admiration, that's for sure. But every day? Going in to work inside a building when the day is fresh, getting a small reprieve for lunch and heading back inside the florescent cell until the day is over? Wow. One day of that and I was done.

I made it back to my apartment about 5 p.m. and was unconscious shortly thereafter. Not so much a nap level of unconsciousness as much as a comatose level. I remained there for two and a half hours. I think just sitting there inside wore me out as much as any amount of physical labor at the firehouse ever did.

Come to think of it, I've never really had a job that strapped me inside for very long. My layout duties back in the newspaper days did... but I never stopped covering news. So, for every day that I was stuck inside the windowless newspaper office (why are newspaper offices always windowless?)... there were two or three days where I roamed the world and got paid to do it.

Again, my kudos to those than make it happen.
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