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Well, lemme paint the picture for you...

I'm sitting in the library. The administration is obviously overcompesating for our recent cold spell by cranking the heat up to hellish levels. In the cubicle to my left, much of the soul music a fellow is listening to is escaping his head phones. I can only imagine how much is being absoarbed by his poor, little ear drums. On my left, there is a fellow who breathes entirely too loud through his nostrils. He's probably in the 6-2 or 6-3 range and well sculpted. While I'm here talking with you fine folks, he's surfing Yahoo clubs for gay pornography. It seems that he's having no problem finding it.

What am I doing here? In this hot library? On what is a pretty nice night? Well, I'm trying to make up an entire semester's worth of work in a matter of hours. Yeah, I know... I always pick my challenges in life this wisely. The thing is... I'm supposed have written a journal for my video project. I was supposed to have written in it every week for the entire semester. As you've probably guessed by now, I didn't do what I was supposed to do. I always had a good excuse. Week after week I found new excuses not to write... That is, until this week. I've got no excuse and I've got no time.

Learn from me people. Don't be like me. Don't procrastinate. It's the devil, I tell you. The funny thing is that I remember reading other journals and seeing people impode because of their procrastination. The difference (as I soon hope you will see) is that I don't plan on whining about it much. I won't be blaming it on other people. I fucked up my own world. I'm willing to take responsibility for it. And regardless what happens in the next 9 hours or so... I don't plan to let the rest of my life spiral out of control because of it.

Okay... this bitching and soap box session is now over. Thank you and have a great rest of the day.
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