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May Day

Today was day número uno of orientation at the Ambulance Authority. They took a hideous ID photo of me -- no shit, the picture added 10 pounds and a case of rosacea that I don't have.

The day was pretty good as far as first days of orientation classes go. The CEO came to speak to us for two solid hours. I like some of his philosophies. I wanted to hear what he had to say. But I had to pee -- the entire time. I'm no good at sitting still for two hours under any circumstance... so, the piss pains didn't help that in the least.

We started at 0800 this morning and I was under the assumption that we'd continue to start at 0800 the rest of the time. We were told as we were walking out the door that all future sessions would start at 0700. Considering that I don't get off work Wednesday morning until 0700 and my fire station and the AA are 30 minutes apart (not considering rush hour)... it looks like I'll be begging for leniency on day two. I'm off to a good start. Heh.

I'm officially a man of the 21st century. There are certain technological advancements that I can not live without. Tonight, I realized that two of these are cable TV and Internet. Perhaps having both my Internet and television provided by Comcast isn't such a good idea. Because we were dead in the water for more than five hours tonight. I don't do well with idle time. Either I need to click channels -- rarely watching anything in particular, mind you -- or be able to instantly search random shit the moment it pops into my head. To do without both? Well, I broke out my High Fidelity DVD. It's always a good emotional trip. It makes me miss all of my old loves and appreciate Jessie more all at the same time.

It's now time to collect some clothes for the next two days and hit the sack -- it's going to be a busy next few days. I'll be at the AA by 0700 in the morning, leave there and head to the firehouse, leave there Wednesday morning for another day at the AA and Jessie comes to visit Wednesday night. I'm looking forward to her return.

I'm not sure how much you notice in these entries as so much is left out -- accidentally or otherwise. In case you didn't notice, I have two distinct personalities when it comes to Jessie.

There's the Fletch that doesn't need a significant other. He's a guy that's independent and enjoys the company of women -- but perhaps not just one. He does his own thing. He's a puzzle piece, but the finished puzzle is only a picture of him. The other Fletch needs that someone else. He sees reminders of a happy memory and feels lonely. He still wants to be the star, but he wants to be part of a team. He's still a puzzle, for sure, but the finished product is something bigger than himself. Lately, I've been the latter. That's a good thing. (Even if my analogies are not.)
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