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Dreamtime, Part II

The McDonald's in my dream was located next to a skate park of sorts. I don't remember how I ended up there -- especially since I've never legitimately used a skate board in my life. I probably got tired of watching the damn movie with the others.

There were only two people in the park other than myself. One guy was doing most of the skating. The other guy was shooting video and taking pictures of him doing his thing. Suddenly, the guys get into an argument of sorts. It seems that the guy with the cameras is really dead. Or is supposed to be. Or something. The story that skater dude told camera dude is that camera dude fell at some point and hurt his head, but he was too ashamed to say his head hurt, so he didn't tell the doctors. That pain ended up being a tumor and, well, camera guy died because of it. And, then... Perhaps because he was dead... Camera guy up and vanished.

I can't begin to make sense of that one. That's seems to have even less purpose then that the bidet dream.

My dream sequence finished up with me in an office with three or four workstations and a couple of other women than I knew in the dream. One of them even looked familiar to me from real life. I sat down to play at one of the computers and depending on what buttons I hit, ax expandable section of keyboard slid out from the side of the original keyboard in front of the computer. This facinated me for a while because I'd never seen such and I wanted to figure out how it worked. Perhaps one of the ladies grew tired of me being there (it was the one that didn't seem familiar) because she flipped a switch that turned off my keyboard and made the monitor display CNBC. Perhaps the financial news scared me off... because shortly later, I was in the same dream, but in a different setting.

There were several three-sided cubicles in a small hallway. The room they were in was dark. I remember a dark window, so perhaps it was night. I remember the darkness because of the blue glow that each of the computers cast into the room. I sat down at one to do some work. Then, a guy I know from the shift that relieves mine walked into the room.

Suddenly, I was woken up from the dream by my phone ringing. Who called? The guy who had just walked into the room in my dream. And as weird as that is to me, that's the second time in about a month that a dream has been ended by the person I'm dreaming about calling me.
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