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Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream...

With the 36 hour shift behind me, I came home and crashed on the sofa for a while. With the exception of one phone call... I had four hours of sound sleep and a few odd dreams. Let me share...

Evidentally, we're on a trip in my dream. By we, I mean Jessie, my mother, myself and five or six family members I've never seen before in real life but who seem very familiar in the dream. I'm not sure if they belonged to me or to Jessie, though.

We stop in at a McDonald's for dinner -- a later dinner, it seems. As we approach the entry door, I look in through the glass and see two guys lying face down naked on a couple of the tables. Obviously, I' thinking that we shouldn't stop there for eat. The rest of the party insistes, though, so in we go. However, I don't remember seeing the naked guys the rest of the dream.

The dream magically fast forwards to us sitting at a couple of tables with our food. The room we're in is sort of a private dining room. Everything still looks like McDonald's, but it's detached from everyone else. Suddenly Jessies decided that we should all move into the main dining area. Everyone leaves. I'm left behind because Jessie has brought in two boxes of stuff from our trip. I'm pissed because I have to gather all of the stuff up and move the boxes one by one to where everyone else is already enjoying their food. I don't remember the items I gathered except for one -- a Bible. It looked very much like the KJV edition my mom bought me for my seventh birthday.

By the time I'd cleaned out our previous table and made it into the main dining area for good, most everyone was done with their food. It seems that we were supposed to hang out at McDonald's for a while to wait on somebody. So, McDonald's magically had four or five recliners and a carpeted floor around a TV on one wall. My mom put in a movie, all of the recliners were filled with family, so I sat down on the carpet to watch. Even in the dream, this felt wierd. Who watches movies at McDonald's?
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