December 12th, 2009



So today, I found myself at the mall -- twice.

That's pretty much the extent of my story. With that said, I'm convinced that surviving the mall two weeks before Christmas is harder to do than leaving a strip club with Tiger Woods empty-handed. You couldn't stir them with a stick in there... although there were a few I wanted to beat off with one.

This time of year is pretty much centered around the kids, so not having any gives me a unique perspective. If Jessie & I ever add any curtain climbers to the mix here at Casa de Fletcher, I'm sure we'll do our fair share of spoilage. Yet I can't help but wonder how many parents skip the mortgage payment or dip too far into savings just to buy their kids' happiness for a few minutes on Christmas morning. It's not just a joke that half of the toys are broken or discarded by the time Valentine's Day rolls around. So, where is the middle ground? And does anyone live there? Will we?
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