October 29th, 2008


Public Service Annoucement

LJ is supposed to be down between 03:30:00 UTC and 07:30:00 UTC for data center maintenance. Considering that it is now 04:02:00 UTC, I really shouldn't be able to post this... But I am, which is good. It gives me the chance to explain why there may not be a WNL in this spot tomorrow when you wake up. I've got one in the oven, but I doubt I'll still be awake at 07:30:00 UTC (which would be 2:30 am for those of us in the heart of the American South).

04:47:00 UTC UPDATE: Okay, so I'm not sure what happened... but LiveJournal is still kicking and the heavily armed monkeys guarding the servers are reporting no problems. Even with this turn of good fortune, I don't think WNL is going to happen. I'm completely exhausted, I have to work tomorrow and I don't think I can bring this together in a reasonable time frame that will still allow me to sleep. I'm sorry. Let me know what I can do to make it up to you. :-)
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