November 11th, 2006

test pattern

Dead Ends

For some reason, I've found myself in somewhat of a writing hole lately. I start writing something but I never finish it. Tonight, I was sitting at the counter at the Waffle House in Boutte, LA. I started writing. I had a story idea and a plan to tell the story. I managed a couple of good paragraphs and a couple more mediocre ones before I quit. I lost my motivation. I lost interest in my own story. For as excited as I was to start the story, I lost every bit of it before I could remotely finish it. What gives?

Once home from the Waffle House, I gave writing an LJ entry another shot. (Actually, I'm nearly 500 miles from home at some friends' house on their computer, but you get the point.) Once again, I had a bit of vision... I started strong... And two or three paragaphs in, I was struggling. By the fourth, I'd lost interest and I never finished the fifth. What am I missing? What's the ingredient lacking that causes a derailment in my writing process?

I have no idea. And the crazy thing is... It's happening again. Here I am... Third paragraph... Ready to hit the cancel button and move on. Well, I'm giving up, but I think I'll hit the "Update Journal" button instead. G'Night.
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