June 11th, 2006


John Popper I'm Not

So, does anyone here play the harmonica? How hard is it to learn? For some reason, I've recently thought that I might want to play the harmonica. I don't know where this came from... And as much as it doesn't look like a difficult instrument to play, I don't even want to buy a Harmonica for Dummies kit if it's going to require extraordinary skill.
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Old School

Mosquito Ringtone

As seen in pei...

A Ring Tone Meant to Fall on Deaf Ears

"In that old battle of the wills between young people and their keepers, the young have found a new weapon that could change the balance of power on the cellphone front: a ring tone that many adults cannot hear..." [ Click to read more & hear the ringtone. ]

The funny thing is that I can hear it in my right ear perfectly fine but only somewhat in my left ear -- the one that popped in last Saturday's blast. Maybe I should get it checked out afterall. Can hearing damage be repaired or reversed?
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    Do I hear mosquitos? Heh.
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