May 21st, 2006

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And on the eighth day...

...he rested.

Today is the first day in a week where I didn't have to wake up and be at one place of employment or another. Today is the first in a week where I don't have to wear boots or navy uniform pants or any shade of blue, for that matter. After spending some 60 odd hours at the firehouse and another 40 and change at the AA, I'm off.

< Insert sigh here >

As much as you I would think that I'd enjoy such a day, I'm actually sitting here quite antsy. There are a ton of things you don't accomplish when you're spending entire days either working or sleeping. And now that I have free time, I'm unable to enjoy it because thoughts of neglected chores keep circling my brain.
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Sunday II

It's hot outside. The air conditioner is running. Every light is off in the house. The only light in the apartment is filter through the blinds on the patio door. Up until a few minutes ago, both Jessie and the cat were sound asleep. This is what a Sunday afternoon is supposed to look like. And to think... In just a few months, this will be my family.

The antsiness (Is that a word? Is now.) displayed in my previous entry was about to come to a head as it was long past time for Jessie to eat lunch and I didn't want to go anywhere until something -- anything -- was done off my to-do list. Finally, I asked her if there wasn't something that she could fix here at my apartment. That wasn't exactly a realistic request. Outside of pork-and-beans and PB&J, my pantry is often bare.

However, as I kept knocking out overdue projects, she disappeared into the kitchen. A bit later, we sat down to fried chicken breasts, rice & gravy, beans and bread. It was a Sunday feast, for sure, and it all came from my kitchen. That's some sort of miracle, I think. With the meal -- and the shorter to-do list -- a calm came over the day. It's relaxing now. I can rest a bit. Life is, for just a short moment, as it should be.
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