April 30th, 2006



I just walked back into my apartment. The pillows from the sofa are still piled in the middle of the floor. They are where I propped up to watch The West Wing with Jessie lying against me. The pizza box -- Pizza Hut makes for good West Wing dinner -- isn't far away. None of the pieces that make up my apartment are different than they were just minutes ago... Yet the place is empty. With the weekend over and another Monday on the horizon, Jessie has gone back to her world and left me in mine. I don't like it here without her. For as much as I double-check in my mind the decision to be married, I do know that I don't like it here without her. That has to mean something... Perhaps everything.
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As requested

A photo for gracegiver...

A handful of my old notebooks from back in the day -- lots of journal entries, quite a few news stories and many columns contained within (just waiting for a subpoena -- heh). They are all spiral-bound and are about 4x8 in size -- perfect for your back pocket.

Reporter's Notebooks
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