February 16th, 2006



Although we had snow last Friday and the weather man is predicting an ice storm for the weekend, you'd never know it was winter tonight. It's somewhere in the 60s and my patio door is wide open -- one of a dozen or more like it in my part of the complex. If you close your eyes, it could almost be spring. Of course, with the way the winds have been blowing thin clouds across a starry sky, it could also be 1994.

For some reason, the winds of time blew old memories by me tonight. You know me, that's not unusual. But these were old memories... Of a used 1989 shit brown Ford Ranger with a standard transmission. Of the world's most perfect spring break spent at Space Academy in Huntsville, Ala. Of Garth Brooks' "The Chase" CD playing on the casette player in the truck. Of going to see "8 Seconds" with Megan Adams and us going parking in the middle of the woods and me not having the courage to kiss her. Of watching loved ones die. Of starting a newspaper career. Of my first step towards becoming someone. 1994 was the first time I could actually feel myself growing.

I'm not sure why a flood of images from 12 years past picked tonight to roll past. But there is no sappy nostaliga here... just enjoyment in looking back on a really positive time in my life. They're good to remember as it's important that you never lose them.
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You couldn't pay me to be a weatherman...

Right now, it's 72° F (22° C) outside and sweltering in my apartment. Stuck in my door this evening was a reminder from the apartment complex to prepare for freezing temperatures. By this time tomorrow night, it's supposed to be 30° F (-1° C). How do you lose 42 degrees (23 degrees C) in 24 hours?

Of course, I have plans to go see Jessie. This time, I'm not cancelling them. Although the weather folks are suggesting we'll have freezing rain and sleet come Saturday morning, I'm tired of my travel plans being scrubbed. Unforunately, this also means that if the forecasts are true, I'll be back here tomorrow night with my truck parked a mile away (on the top of the hill instead of the bottom where I live) and preparing to go to work a night early.

Winter in The South -- ain't it fun?

(It beats the hell out of those 100° F (37° C) summers... that's for sure.)
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