January 1st, 2006

test pattern


Six friends.
One bottle of champagne.
Vodka. Gin. Vermouth. Kahlua.
Times Square on the big screen.
Somewhat illegal fireworks.
Gun play.
One stupid, drunk argument.
Six tired fuckers.
No New Year's Sex.

2006 came in much louder than 2005 went out.

Happy New Year's, everyone.
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I resolve nothing. But I've got a few things I'd like to do.

Jessie and I finally rolled out of the rack about 2 this afternoon. After catching a late lunch, we embarked on assembling one of my Christmas gifts. Some three hours later, I am typing my first ever entry from a brand new computer desk.

Five or six (or maybe even seven) years ago, I'd gotten a small hutch type of deal for my computer. The thing was small enough to roll around on wheels and everything was on top of everything else. I felt bad even calling it a desk as it no drawers and very little work space. Not now... I've got room for stacks of all sorts of papers, bills & magazines. My work space has always been cluttered... But now, I've actually got room for the mess!

After we get dinner and make a Wal-Mart run (the bad thing about spending most of December on the road is that I now must restock my entire apartment), it'll be time to assemble the other gift -- a brand new chair. My ass has worn down the padding in the old one and what I didn't wear out, TheCatTM helped tear up before she had her claws removed. With a new desk and a new place to plant my butt, I should have no reason not to write more in aught-six.

Other things that I should find time to do this year:
1. Continue weight loss started by kicking my Coke habit.
2. Become less of a passive LJ reader. It's okay to comment in entries!
3. Set new career goals. Then systematically obliterate them.
4. Stop living my life on multiple fronts. This is not a war.
5. Find out what it would take to buy a house.
6. Grow a pair and have my wisdom teeth taken out.
7. With #6 out of the way... Orthodontics. (Why, yes. I am 12.)
8. Spend less. Save more.
9. Not get carried away with new year's ideas. (Oops. Too late.)
0. There's no #10. See above.
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    Jessie using the hair dryer.
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