May 24th, 2005


Is it fall yet?

15 March 2005
Grand Ole Opry House - Nashville, Tenn.

I was going through some old photos tonight and found this one.

It reminded me of two things. First, that there actually was a spring this year. It's easy to forget about spring when the highs are approaching 100 in May.

It also reminded me that I never properly chastised joannemerriam for luring me to a bookstore that did not exist. The Davis Kidd location down in in Hillsboro Village was branded as "really fantastic" by Ms. Merriam. However, when Jessie & I got there, we saw nothing but steel beams and "coming soon" signs. (Please know that I'm totally being a smart ass. Our trip to Nashville was many times better than it otherwise would have been thanks to advice from joannemerriam and clear_bead.)

One more thing... In your neck of the woods, are the flowers above jonquils, daffodils or something else?