April 8th, 2005


"Do you remember me?"

When we worked together in college, I used to leave random notes for Alex on the sticky pads in her office. Usually, the notes were some deep-thinking quote about love or life. I never signed them. Instead, I drew a unique smiley face that could only be mine.

When I last drove down to Oakdale to visit her -- late December, perhaps, or sometime in January -- we met at her office. She left me alone in her cube while she went to change clothes. The computer was off. All of her drawers were locked. The only thing I had to play with were the office supplies. I left a couple of notes on the inside pages of her sticky pad. The first was found a few days after my trip. The second -- "Do you remember me?" -- was discovered this week.

She called Tuesday afternoon to say that she'd found the second note and to confirm that she still remembers me in spite of her many attempts to forget. We talked for 20 or 30 minutes. It was good to hear from her. It was good to catch up on what had been happening in each other's life. But the conversation wasn't comfortable. It wasn't the Fletch & Alex of a year ago. Of course, that has to be expected. You can never go back -- the two of us, especially. We ended with the generic promise to talk again soon. How soon that will be is anyone's guess.

After she called, my phone broke. It's cost me $75 to replace. Perhaps that's a sign.

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