January 23rd, 2005


The Mailbag

Dear Liberal Thinkers,

Why do the more extreme among you seem to protest the amount spent on the recent Presidential Inaugural? Yes, $40 millon would have done wonders towards any noble concern -- including tsunami relief. However, isn't it a bit silly to believe that your candidate (John Kerry being the only other viable option) would have done any different? I can't imagine Mr. Kerry cancelling parties or parades so that money could be forwarded to storm victims instead.

Thomas Fletcher, Rational Thinker

Dear Atlanta Falcons,

Georgia is not a cold state. The Georgia Dome is even less so. Perhaps you guys should have waited before flying north -- perhaps your plane could have been stranded at some closed airport. Sorry it didn't work out. I was rooting for you guys. Of course, that was probably the problem. I'm also a Cubs fan.

Thomas Fletcher, Chairman
Committee For Seeing Southern Teams Play In The Super Bowl (CFSSTPITSB)

Dear Secret Service, et. al.,

I realize that you've got a pretty important job to do. Protecting the president -- any president -- must be tough. However, we've got to do a better job of letting protestors actually see the guy they are protesting. He is everybody's president, afterall.

Thomas Fletcher, Fan of the Underdog
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