July 6th, 2004


The Fourth

This was an odd Fourth of July. First, the actual fourth was on Sunday... so a lot of cities here moved their fireworks and such to Saturday. (Smallville was one of them.) And then, there was the monsoon that came in and stayed all of last week. Seriously, it rained one or two inches every day for nearly a full week. Luckily, Saturday and Sunday were both beautiful days and almost everyone's fireworks went as planned. (Smallville was not one of them.)

Can you believe that? They cancelled fireworks! Well, not cancelled them... They postponed them until July 24th. But what are we celebrating then? Hey! It's July 24th! It's when the southern colonies finally received word that they were free! So, because Jessie & I were supposed to shoot the Smallville show, we had the weekend off. Although I was frustrated that we weren't getting to blow things up, it turned out to be a cool day. After the fire Sunday afternoon, we drove back up to Franklin to watch fireworks on the river.

The camera would have worked magic... but I was in a bad spot (had a HUGE tree in the way) and I had no tripod. So, my pics of the big shells are obscured by the tree and the rest are pretty shaky. Anyhow, those are lessons learned. Hopefully my post from the week after July 4, 2005 will reflect that. Heh.

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