June 2nd, 2004



Perhaps, it's a good idea to not attempt a PhonePost while driving in a monsoon. For instance, it's quite possible that a creek will overflow and cover the very road you're driving on with water. Just so you know.

Here's the audio from said phone post. Notice the sound of my truck hitting the water followed by an explicit phrase followed by the sound of more water I didn't see. I've included it in both .mp3 and .ogg formats:

waterpost.mp3 | waterpost.ogg

I'm Thomas Fletcher & I approved this LiveJournal post.
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Quarto Compleanno Felice!

Four Years of Fletch: 2000-2004

Yep. The Journal was born four years ago today. I promise you that I had no idea it would last this long (although some readers don't consider a couple of entries per month as "lasting").

My bed is requesting my presence, so I must go. Hopefully, there will be more reflection to come on the years that have passed... I mean, that is the Fletch way, eh?
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