April 11th, 2004


In the middle

It's the churches who beat up the Easter bunny in an attempt to teach about Jesus. It has something to do with entirely too many "if you believe in Jesus then you will send this e-mail to 6,872 people in 12 seconds or you are going to hell" forwards. I absolutely know it has to do with the hatred spewed toward homosexuals by Christians who are so far to the right that they've lost perspective on life.

On the other hand, it's the people who think anything with the word "God" in it is unconstitutional. It's the people that say we should ignore something just because it was written by an Apostle or carved into a stone tablet and carried down by Moses. It's those that think they're too smart for any deity. It's those that attribute all things religious with the likes of Robert Tilton & Jim Baker.

It is both sides of the coin that make me ask... "What about me?"

It seems that religion has become such a polarized topic lately. People are drawn to one extreme or another without realizing that any extreme is just as wacky as the other. And for folks like me -- those firmly planted in the middle... Well, we're deemed outsiders by both groups. At least it feels that way.

Here's the deal. I think I'm a smart guy -- college educated in the liberal arts, no less. I still believe in Jesus. I still believe in heaven. I believe that knowing the former is my ticket into the latter. I thought science was cool. I think that animals (including humans) have evolved. Yet, I'm still a Christian. I believe God created the world. Yes, all of this is possible. The church that I'm a member of (but don't attend nearly enough) is very low-key. We don't do Prayer-A-Thons. We don't send out anointed paper napkins in return for a donation. Our preacher makes less than $30k a year. Oh, and I like gay people. I even think they should be able to marry if they want. How about them apples?

So, where do I fit into the picture? I know there are others like me... I'd just like to find a whole bunch of them and get us all together. I want to feel like I'm part of a like-minded group. It feels like everyone else (with a few exceptions) just fall into the groups of religion-haters and haters of religion-haters. I want no part of either.
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