February 17th, 2004


Fletch's Big Top

For some reason, the very first icon I created after my cheap ass bought a paid LiveJournal account featured clowns. I really don't know why I did that... my guess is that it was just the stock art I happened to have handy. Regardless, I'm now voting the clowns off of the island. Jackie, the clown icon has been retired. My journal is now an official NO CLOWN ZONE. My readers speak and I listen -- that's how it works around here. Heh.
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Trunk Art

Earlier tonight, I went into the deep recesses of my closet to look for some papers. I noticed a box heavy with contents on the top shelf and pulled it down. It was full of photos that I'd stashed away in a hasty apartment cleaning last year. I sat down in the floor and went through them all.

Among the collection were a few rolls from my trip to Baton Rouge last August. After my team took a licking in Death Valley, my friends and I headed to the Shoney's Breakfast Bar. Parked directly in front of the resturant was a car with what I can only describe as a unique paint job. Of course, we had to take pictures. And, of course, it's long past time that I share.

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