February 5th, 2004

got fletch

Why is that?

What I love about living in The South is that a winter storm throws everything out of whack. Okay, so perhaps a winter storm can do that in any region of the country... I guess what makes things different is how we define "winter storm." Here, all it takes is someone mentioning a bit of sleet or snow for everyone to make a run on bread, milk and eggs at the grocery store.

Tonight, the weather can't make up it's mind. Earlier, it was rotating between snow, sleet & rain. Some of the sleet was sticking to the roadway, but I think it's 34 degrees outside. We're probably safe from everything freezing over. Of course, this didn't keep people from going insane. Accidents in the area are up even though there is very little *real* ice on the roads. It's as though the term "wintery precip" gets said one time during the news and the nut switch in everyone's head gets flipped automatically.
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